Alinca to Kabak Walk

Alınca to Kabak Walk (3 hours)

This is perhaps the most dramatic stretch of coastal landscape – pine forest tumbling to the sea – anywhere along the western stretch of the Lycian Way. But it’s often steep. The best direction, assuming you’ve the knees to handle it, is definitely downhill; I’ve led spry 80-year-olds on it without mishap.  Which leaves you with the problem of getting to the start-point at Alınca, a remote village high on the Babadağı mountain road with very little passing traffic.  And don’t think about attempting it on your own.

Start at the Lycian Way sign just above Alınca village and walk past ‘Bayram’s Place’, following the path over the flat ground until it drops into the pine trees. A clearly defined path lies ahead, with wonderful views over the sea opening up to your left. After 75 minutes you descend very steeply before passing the foot of steep cliffs and a pine tree where a path – easy to miss – comes in from the left. Here you have a choice; you can take this left-heading path, with an optional signposted diversion to a waterfall, before continuing down to the foot of the canyon where it emerges onto the forested valley floor perhaps a mile from Kabak Beach. Or keep straight on by the steep cliffs and continue around the valley to emerge at the ‘Last Stop Café’ above Kabak Beach. From here you can either descend by path to the beach or await the village 4WD Chrysler truck or minibus which runs a regular service there.

Use the right-hand corner zoom: + to reveal concealed pins and – (minus) for outlying ones

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