Delikkemer to Patara Walk

Delikkemer to Patara Walk (3 hours)

At the eastern extent of the Xanthos Delta, just before the main road bends to climb towards Kalkan, a right-hand (seaward) turns leads up a dirt track where a visible antique structure soon appears on the skyline. Begin here by walking up and passing through the arch in the wall which carries a Roman aqueduct down to Patara. Clamber up to admire the intact stone-carved piping which was required to contain the water as it traversed this dip in the contouring.

Follow the line of the wall to the west to emerge onto the dirt track where you bear right, leaving the track on the corner where you find yourself on a path following the onward route of the aqueduct as it swings to the north. A fine path traverses the hillside, passing through fields, pine forests and meadows, following the red and white waymarks.  Beyond the woods views over the Xanthos Delta, the Patara ruins and the sea come into view.  

Use the right-hand corner zoom: + to reveal concealed pins and – (minus) for outlying ones

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