This website needs to fund itself – without compromising its claims to integrity, honesty and reliability. Here’s how it works:

The operators, hoteliers and other organisations featured in Somewhere Wonderful appear entirely on merit; in first-hand dealings with them I have been impressed, even enchanted. I recommend them in the sincere belief that they can bring travel satisfaction and happiness to users of the site. They pay no fee whatsoever for inclusion (though it is possible I might take a free night’s accommodation off them if one’s offered as and when I’m on the road researching to keep costs down). They may pay a commission (10% in the case of hotels, 5% for packages) whenever they take a booking from somebody who confirms having discovered them through Somewhere Wonderful.

There is no other criterion for inclusion other than the appeal of such places.  No hotel appears unless I truly like it.  Nor does anybody else have the least influence in what I say about the people and places featured here.   My independence is key.  

The commission payments go towards the maintenance of the site and to ongoing research and travel costs. They in no way affect what I’m able to say about places, properties or people.  

 The idea is to serve those who share my idea of what a Turkish holiday should be about.  If you approve, I would ask you to ensure any accommodation you choose to book with knows that you learned of them through Somewhere Wonderful.  That way, the website’s value is acknowledged and the commissions on which it depends are paid.