Göcek gulet itineraries

Göcek is a smart but soulless port whose great virtue is its location at the head of Fethiye Bay barely half an hour from Dalaman Airport. I’m not sure what the record is, but I’m guessing some lucky people have found themselves at anchor in some deserted cove, glass of wine to hand, within an hour of clearing Airport Customs.

Göcek is perfect for exploring Fethiye Bay, a place of such wooded indentations that you could happily criss-cross it for days on end. Beyond the bay, however, it’s something of a haul in either direction: I’d head east along the wild and mountainous Yediburunlar coast and the vast Patara Beach beyond it, though there are few anchorages or places to put ashore anywhere here. Kalkan and Kaş are touristic ports, fine for what they are, but the objective for romantics should be Kekova where Lycian sarcophagae lie half-submerged along these rocky shores and medieval crenellations rise above the beautiful fishing village of Simena. Another appealing destination is atmospheric little Kastellorizo, the most far-flung of Greece’s islands, an architectural delight huddled round a magnificent natural harbour directly opposite Kaş.

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