Guided Itineraries to Turkey

Guided Itineraries to Turkey


‘Jeremy helped us plan an itinerary that truly revealed real Turkey and its back country.  The accommodation and the historic sites we saw were just fantastic and all at very reasonable cost.  The trip was pure joy from start to finish, and we can’t thank Jeremy enough.  We will be back.’                                                                                                                                                                 – Andrew and Ann Gilmour

‘That was a wonderful holiday.  I came home inspired to learn much more about Greek and Roman history as well as about modern Turkey. You both have a knack of bringing sites to life and providing context.  You chose really interesting and charming hotels, organised large tables in the restaurants and ordered fabulous food everywhere. In fact, the food was one of the many highlights of the trip – much as I love all things Greek, I have to confess that the Turkish cuisine, taking the same ingredients, is vastly more imaginative and varied.  And then everything else worked like clockwork thanks to your brilliant planning – right down to essentials like knowing where the loos were and always having a stock of 2 lira coins with you!  And given the struggle we had remembering even how to say thank-you, your command of Turkish was such a boon at every juncture.’                                                           – Sarah Zins

Over the years we have developed extensive contacts with hoteliers, drivers, walking guides, guardians of ancient sites, archaeologists, restauranteurs and cafe owners.   We have favourite places – tea houses, picnic spots, hotels, beaches, swimming spots, super-obscure ancient sites, walking routes, restaurants, weekly markets, shops, best places for fresh pomegranate juice or ice cream  – all over the country.  As such we have become a storehouse of knowledge on Turkish travels.  In this regard we have assisted many people with their travels in Turkey, from offering modest items of advice to planning and leading personalised group tours both on land and sea.

All the information provided in this website remains free of charge, and without advertising.  You will also find more excellent advice on where I wrote the guides to The Turkish Coast, to the Bodrum region and to Cappadocia.

As to instances where specific and detailed information is sought of us in relation to planning trips, without recourse to our services, we have reached a point at which we can no longer afford to provide this free of charge.  We are very happy to advise on your travels and help you shape your own itineraries in but must now charge a modest fee to do so.  This would depend upon the nature and extent of the job.   Let us know how we can help, either by email or by phone (07757 703604), and we shall quote you a fee.