Kaya to Ölüdeniz Walk

Kaya to Ölüdeniz Walk (2 hours, 30 mins)

This walk is a fine extension to any exploration of Kaya’s ‘ghost village’, and a welcome alternative approach to the famed ‘dead sea’ lagoon at Ölüdeniz.

Pick up the signs to Ölüdeniz on the path immediately to the rear of the upper church, the more easterly of the town’s two basilicas. The track, waymarked with the usual red and white paint daubs, winds upwards. Look back as the contours flatten out for excellent views over Kaya Valley and the Taurus Mountains. Pass through pine forests, emerging high above the sea. Keep the sea to your right as the path begins a long, at times steep, descent until the first views of the lagoon are glimpsed directly ahead. You emerge on the north side of the lagoon where the shore is lined by private beach clubs. These are very welcoming places where you’ll be free to swim, though buying an ice cream or a tea would no doubt seal the deal.

The way out is by the mile-long shore road to Ölüdeniz town where regular dolmuşes serve Hısarönü, and thence back to Kaya.

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