Ömer’s Houses

Ömer’s Houses, Dalyan

Appealingly quirky villas. Week rentals from £325

Attractive Dalyan suffers from a lack of stand-out hotels. But with excellent produce markets and butchers for when you can be bothered to cook, and plenty of riverside restaurants and cafes for when you can’t, it lends itself perfectly to self-catering.

Try Ömer’s Houses, a cluster of delightfully original rental properties – three cottages and a villa – which imaginative architect Ömer Irmak chose to build here some years back. The location, a swathe of semi-developed urban periphery dotted by the unfinished villas and structural doodlings of less talented architectural practitioners, is nothing special. But move within the walls of Ömers secret domain and all disappointment is banished. The first compound, all lovingly tended orchards, seating areas and a plunge pool, contains three compact and cosy cottages with dome-shaped interiors, walls of bare stone or embedded with old amphorae, wine bottles and other original details; the other is home to a circular pool and a semi-circular villa with glass stairs – think James Bond firmly in his Roger Moore phase – which happens to work very much better than one might guess. It’s light, spacious and sleeps six in outstanding comfort.


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