Sidyma Homes

Sidyma Homes, Sidyma

Primitive lodgings in Arcadia.  Prices on request

Sidyma is perhaps my favourite ancient site in Turkey, largely because the old city and its stones have been so casually customised by the current inhabitants but also because this is a valley of quite exceptional verdant beauty.

At Sidyma Homes the formidable Brea, a Canadian who keeps goats, has teamed up with villager Fatma to offer simple rustic accommodation in a ramshackle collection of old farmstead buildings a short walk from the ancient theatre. Thick stone walls freshly whitewashed, swept floors with kilim throws, timber shelves, communal washing, a country kitchen, and canvas gazebos to shade the two terraces prove immensely appealing to seasoned travellers, hikers especially, prepared to forego the so-called comforts. Air-con, loungers, minibars, pressure showers; what does any of this matter in surroundings as rapturous as these?

I daresay you’ll tell me…


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