Turan’s Hill Lounge


Turan’s Hill Lounge, Kabak

Mildly hippyish but meticulous glamping. Doubles from £50 H/B

There are now at least twenty ‘camps’, with their quaint timber bungalows and tree houses, in Kabak’s forested valley, but the original one remains the most alluring. The camp’s eponymous founder, who pioneered settlement here in the 1980s, has since left the running to Ahmet and Ece. This delightful young couple have somehow managed to fuse Kabak’s original counter-cultural spirit – a reverence for nature, a taste for simplicity and an instinct for harmony – with impressive house-keeping and organisational abilities, an excellent kitchen and a charming decorative style.

So the cabins, for all their simplicity, run to en suites, mosquito nets, curtains made from charming Bursa fabrics, and fresh flowers; Crusoe would have been impressed. They have little timbered balconies hung with wind chimes. Some have been painted in strong blues and whites, with marine motifs in Cornish/Nantucket style, while others feel more like forest huts. The camp is set on a verdant hillside, with rustic steps leading through the apricot, fig, medlar, lemon and mulberry trees to various levels, one of which is home to a spring-fed pool for cooling off. The views to the virgin side of the sub-tropical valley from the main restaurant structure, with timber terraces and lounging platforms shaded by a huge rubber tree and a vine trellis, are magnificent.

Ece takes great pride in the evening buffet, included in the price, in which vegetarian dishes predominate alongside exotic offerings like local wild boar goulash. It’s a truly inclusive place which appeals to yoga groups, walkers and families alike. The beach is a five-minute walk away.

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