Gulet Specialists Explained

Gulet Specialists Explained

Gulet operators run two types of trip: fixed itineraries, mostly archaeological programmes attracting older travellers, which are sold by the cabin; and private charters whereby the client group can plot their own itinerary.

The trick with the fixed itinerary is to travel as a couple, even if it’s as friends prepared to share a double cabin and bed, as the single supplement is extortionate. And don’t worry too much about the other guests; something about the gulet experience tends to do wonders for the group dynamic.

With private charters it’s worth booking early. That way you’re more likely to be able to dictate your gulet’s embarkation and disembarkation points so that you won’t have to turn back to Bodrum or wherever halfway through the holiday; you could even end up disembarking at Rhodes or Kos, and flying home from there. Rather than cover half as much sea twice, you’ll cover twice as much sea once. The later you book, the more likely you’ll find that your holiday’s start and finish points are already fixed by previously booked charters, though if price is all that matters the upside is that discounts on unfilled weeks may begin to appear.

You’ll travel with a Turkish crew of captain, chef, and perhaps one or two crewmen. There will be a tour leader to provide cultural commentary on most fixed itineraries while the captain will usually discuss routes and anchorage options with the group on private charters.

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