Using This Site

Using This Site

This site is designed to be simple.  Words, pictures, maps and links.

The most complex element is the maps.  Here you’ll see differently-coloured location pins with symbols whose meaning should be self-evident; places to stay and museums are purple, ruins are green, walking, beaches, sea kayaking and paragliding are all orange, and gulets and hot-air ballooning are brown.  You’ll find one of each on this sample map:

Initially, you won’t see all of them as several are in a cluster, some fully hidden such as the place to stay (which is doubly concealed behind the green ruin pin and the orange walking pin).  Use the zoom-in + in the bottom-left corner to put space between the pins.  Once you’ve done that you’ll find it easy to hover over a particular pin and bring up an info box where you can click through to the relevant page.   These info boxes stay open until you move the cursor to open another one. Beware that you will open up any such boxes if you pass over one, however briefly, en route elsewhere, so you’ll need to navigate the cursor with care when the pins are closely clustered.

You can also zoom out on maps to find other attractions beyond the immediate area.

You may find it frustrating that the location pin relating to the subject of the page is not immediately distinguishable from the others.   This is, er, a deliberate device which ensures that you familiarise yourself with the neighbourhood’s various delights in the course of establishing exactly where your chosen hotel, ruin, beach or otherwise actually is, and has nothing whatsoever to do with limitations in the site’s applications…

New areas and their attractions will be added to the site as I discover them.