Iztuzu Beach

Iztuzu Beach, Dalyan

© altay özcan
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Iztuzu, the magnificent beach fronting the Dalyan Delta, is reached at its eastern end by a road, though the classic approach is by the river boat service from the town of Dalyan. Dalyan, an agreeable mix of farming and tourism, runs a regular schedule of small awning-topped boats from the middle of town through the reed beds and fish traps or dalyans – nets lowered on winches to let the boats through – to the oleanders at the back of the beach. Wooden boardwalks lead past roofed cafes to perfect golden sands where parasols and loungers are for hire; and in the height of summer, though the vast expanses of deserted beach to the east may appeal, the shade the parasols provide is often essential. Iztuzu has become extremely popular, especially with foreigners, but its sheer size and the novelty of the boat trip which leads there confirms it as an outstanding family beach.

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