Olympos Lodge

Olympos Lodge, Çıralı

Magical lazing. Doubles from £150 B&B

Çıralı’s legendary establishment is an other-worldly place set amidst beach-side gardens which, with peacocks wandering the flower beds and the wrecks of classic cars strewn in the drive, suggests the aftermath of some long-lost jazz age.

The rooms are functional, in the Çıralı way, which repeat guests quickly come to appreciate as a cue to get themselves out into the magnificent grounds without delay. Reading and lounging corners abound among the lawns, shrubs and ponds of gardens formal and riotous in equally measure, and hammocks are hung from the trees overlooking the white sand beach which lies just beyond the garden gate. Lantern-lit al fresco dinners are an occasion for dressing up, and the ruins of Olympos are a short walk away.


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