Plugge’s Plateau Walk

Plugge’s Plateau Walk, Gallipoli Peninsula

For a region of such exceptional natural beauty, it’s a shame that the Gallipoli Peninsula’s walking trails are so poorly established. While adventurous types will not let this get in their way, with New Zealanders especially hacking their way up from No 2 Outpost Cemetery to Chunuk Bair in a reprise of their forebears’ heroic advance, many visitors will feel less confident about setting off into an area notorious for its sudden gullies and precipices. Another cause for caution, apparently, is the wild dogs.

One answer is to hire a local walking guide like Bulent ‘Bill’ Korkmaz who knows this area as well as anybody. Another is to try out such trails as reliably exist; my favourite is the short climb, with well-cut steps, from the delightful Shrapnel Valley Cemetery up to Plugge’s Plateau. This, with 21 graves the smallest of the Anzac cemeteries, has wonderful views over Anzac Cove. It’s worth following the path around the back of the cemetery, where trenches can be made out in the scrub, and following it as it runs inland. But take care; there are steep falls into Shrapnel Valley. A half-hour outing, returning by the same route.

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